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Interpol Power Abuse



Dubai issues 20 times more red notices than the United States, per head of population.  We’re exploring why….


In light of numerous clients approaching us with Interpol red notices against them, we are investigating allegations that Dubai is abusing the Interpol reporting system.



UAE is top 5 user of Interpol Red Cards out of over 100 countries, per head of population.  See analysis here:


With very little evidence required for a conviction, we are finding corporations convicting their staff of financial crimes, often in absentia regardless of evidence proving their innocence.


This means corporations can use Dubai’s legal system to validate their intentions to use expat staff as scapegoats for internal mismanagement.



Even though these convictions never would have been successful in Western Court rooms due to this lack of proof, the UAE is able to issue Interpol Red Notices on the back of their local convictions.


Expats who have escaped the UAE and returned back to their countries to avoid being jailed for corporate reasons are now on a watch list and have hanging over their heads, the threat of arrest, extradition and the incredible legal fees to battle such in their local country.


Is it acceptable at all that countries with immature legal systems are able to include foreigners on international police reporting lists without proving that they are able to provide fair trials?

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